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A safe place for furry friends

About Us

Kiweli Kennels was opened in 1995.  Originally the property was known as “Tilbuster Cottage”, remnants of the old school can still be found on the property. Kiweli has a fantastic reputation and customer base from the Armidale and surrounding regions.  Since it’s beginning new sections have been added to the property such as the ‘Little Dogs Area’ and the ‘Precious Pets Area’ to improve and grow the boarding facilities for our guests. There are staff on the premises 24/7 and are all highly capable and experienced with a variety of animals which allows for piece of mind when you drive out of our driveway.

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Three French Bullgod Puppies

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday & Sunday


Operating Hours: 8am - 10am & 4pm - 6pm



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Image by Matt ODell

Doggy Daycare

Kiweli Kennels can look after you new puppy or energetic dog during the hours of 8am and 6pm its called "DOGGY DAY CARE"

Socialising is very important for all dogs, Just think about how tired they will be and how your back yard will remain intact whilst you are away. Call us and make a play date, your dog will have a fantastic time .

Boarding - Dogs

We offer 4 different accommodation areas for your dog to stay including Big Dog, Little Dog, Precious Pets or Deluxe.

We have 10 different exercise yards ranging in size for a single dog exercise yard to the large ones, where up to 10 dogs are able to happily socialize and play together. Play groups are organised on energy levels, age, and attitudes.  
All our yards are well fenced and secure to minimise the risk of escaping. If your dog is a know fence jumper or climber please inform as we are happy to accommodate these dogs. Dogs that are not well socialized are also welcome as we can accommodate them in separate individual exercise yards.


Boarding - Cats

Your feline friend will enjoy our wonderful Kattery. Each cat is allowed the opportunity to stretch their legs and scratch their claws on our many scratching posts. 

Friendly and socialised cats are able to remain outside of their room for the remainder of the day to explore the enclosure in safety.


Do you feel refreshed from your holiday? Then your pet should feel refreshed too.

Just ask our friendly staff about our hydrobath facility so your pet can come home smelling as refreshed as you feel.


Contact & Location

To make a booking or to find out more about our services please give us a call.

If the phone is unattended we are just looking after our furry friends. Please leave a detailed message and we will get back to you ASAP

HOW TO GET HERE: The Kiweli Kennels are located only 4.7kms North of Armidale from the roundabout on the New England Highway.

The kennels are situated in prime position for traffic heading North or South on the New England highway.  A turning bay is available on both sides of the Highway for our customers safety when entering and exiting our property.